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External open innovation partner programAnalytical Methods for Chiral Structure of long Oligonucleotides
Are you working on analytical methods to evaluate stereochemistry of long Oligonucleotides (between 15 and 20 mers)? Are you interested in partnering with a top 5 pharma company to translate your new science into a new medicine?
What we are looking for

We produce oligomers (chemically or biotechnologically) comprised of 10 chemically different monomeric building blocks. All building-blocks have stereo centers, show UV absorption and different molecular masses. The length of oligomers is 16-20 units. The correct sequence in respect to building-blocks is proven by mass-spectrometry.

In addition each linker between the building blocks contains a single stereodefined center (R/S form). It was shown in literature that the linkers can be cleaved (enzymatically or chemically) if necessary but it is not clear whether any “type of cleavage technique” may maintain the stereoform of the linkers.

If failure during setup of synthesis (e.g. wrong stereoform of a linker of the building block in use) or epimersation of the stereocenters of the linkers occurs an n-mer may contain a “few” or up to 2n-1 different diastereomers after synthesis.

We are seeking for an analytical method by which the correctness and the overall or ideally sequence-specific purity in respect to the stereoforms of the linkers can be monitored. For “wrong” diastereomers a LOD below 3% (molpercent per monomer) is required. The maximum amount of material available is in the 10-20 mg’s range.

What we offer and how does it work

All proposals will be assessed by our Research & Development team. Based on the level of interest within the Company research portfolio and strategic fit, we will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to partnership agreements or collaborations. Proponents that submit proposals of interest will be contacted to clarify additional details.

What to submit

Submit a proposal in a form which is available online (it takes about 15 minutes). The proposal should be brief, sufficient to provide the main body of the proposal and its innovativeness. The applicant should also provide information about his or her critical knowledge that is applicable for the project, and how the knowledge could be supplemented (i.e., what is additionally required to complete the project). The applicants are strongly encouraged to give us additional information including references or other materials to facilitate the evaluation process.

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The Company will not share the information beyond its own staff and its Consultants; your initial proposal should contain only non-confidential information. If your proposal is selected, the Company is open to complete a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).


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