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External open innovation partner programNovel drug targets and compounds for the treatment of psychiatric and neurologic diseases

Are you working on psychiatric and neurologic diseases? Have you identified new targets or compounds for the treatment of bipolar disorders, schizophrenia or Parkinson disease? Are you interesting in partnering or collaborating with an international pharmaceutical company to translate your new science into a new medicine?

What we are looking for

According to OMS, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are affected by psychiatric and neurologic disorders. With the extension of life expectancy and the ageing of the general populations in both developed and developing countries, the prevalence of these diseases are likely to increase.

We are looking for proposals to identify novel molecular targets or compounds for the treatment of bipolar disorders, schizophrenia or Parkinson’s disease.

Early Phase compounds up to PoC (Phase II clinical trials). The targets and/or the compounds must be innovative, with clinical relevance. Strong and high quality deriving from in vitro, ex vivo, animal models, and human data, strongly supporting the rationale and the druggability are required.

What we offer

All proposals will be assessed by our Research & Development team. Based on the level of interest within the Company research portfolio and strategic fit, we will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to partnership agreements or collaborations.

Proponents that submit proposals of interest will be contacted within 4 weeks of submission to clarify additional details.

What to submit

Submit your proposal online (it takes about 15 minutes) in a form and length that is sufficient to provide the substance of the proposal and its innovativeness. The applicant should also provide information about his or her critical knowledge that is applicable for the project and how that knowledge could be supplemented (i.e., what is additionally required to complete the project).

Privacy, confidentiality & FAQ
The Company

The Company will not share the information beyond its own staff, your initial proposal should contain only non-confidential information.
If your proposal is selected, the Company is open to complete a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).


Biowebspin pays a lot of attention to the privacy, intellectual property, confidentiality and security of its member data.

Biowebspin is a matchmaking platform between academia & industry. Biowebspin is not involved in the IP discussion and is not charging any success or license fees. Your «Open Innovation» opportunities on Biowebspin are only visible by industrials and the Biowebspin team. You can remove your data at any time. Biowebspin strongly recommends that you do not enter any confidential data or if you do so, that your technology transfer office agrees the submission of your pre-proposal on Biowebspin. If you directly submit your pre-proposal on an industrial partner website, you will agree their terms, conditions and privacy policy of our industrial partner website. Biowebspin is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinion of its industrial partner website. As a Swiss International company, Biowebspin has high standard security and privacy system. Biowebspin is in accordance with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner. Contact us for more information about the terms and conditions of the matchmaking service of Biowebspin.

The company

The Company is a privately owned international manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the pharmaceutical and mass-market sectors. Its pharmaceutical products are available in more than 50 countries through its branches and through an extensive network of licensees and strategic agreements with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

The Company is currently engaged in research projects in the field of pain and inflammation disorders, nervous system diseases and disorders, and infection control and infectious diseases.

The activities are conducted in-house, and at principal public and private institutions either in partnership or in collaboration with leading scientists worldwide.

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