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Company & Organization Categorization

Core companies

Develop (and in some cases commercializing) new products and/or technologies directly related to the drug discovery and development process

  • Therapeutic & Pharmaceutical companies: involve in R&D, production, and commercializing therapeutics and pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Medical Technology & Device companies: involve in R&D, production and commercializing of systems and devices for medical applications in humans and animals.
  • Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostic & Supply companies: provide equipment and diagnostic products for public or private laboratories.
  • Biotech New Entrants:
    • Agronomy & Food & Nutraceutical companies: focus on agricultural uses such as production of pesticides, applying the principles of biotechnology to the production and processing food and to the development of natural products for a therapeutic purpose.
    • Animal Health & Animal Welfare & Veterinary companies: work on diagnosis and disease treatment for animals.
    • Cosmetic companies: turn to the production of cosmetics.
    • Environment& Cleantech companies: focus on the protection of the environment through processes such as clean energy production.
    • Industrial Biotechnology companies: work on industrial processes.
Complementary technological companies

Provide core companies with technology services or complementary products.

  • Technology Service companies: conduct research, development or manufacturing for other companies on a contract basis (example: CRO, CMO, etc.)..
  • Lab/Medical Industry Service & Material companies: provide materials and components, or engineering, packaging or technical services for core companies.
Consulting non technological companies

Provide core companies & complementary technological companies with necessary services for their development and information in Life Science.

Consulting companies

Provide consulting and services to the Life Science sector in areas such as communication, event organization, finance, business development, market studies, sales, translation and others


Finance Life Science companies such as bank funds, business angels, and capital ventures

Institute, University, Hospital, Healthcare Facility & Similar
Valorization organization

Help startups and research to become an industrial or provide highly specified offices and laboratory spaces.