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Why be labelled as Scientific Expert on Inospin?

Highlight your expertise and increase your credibilityBy getting a KOL logo on your profile

Thought leaders or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are the most influential people in their respective fields of expertise: prominent researchers, physicians, directors, etc.

Are you a Top Scientific Key Opinion Leader?

Who are Top Scientific Experts on Inospin?

Top Scientific Experts, i.e. the researchers of a specific field, are determined accordingly to:

  • The quantity and quality of their publications.
  • The quantity and quality of their patents.
  • The quantity and quality of their citations: the total number of citations and in which journals/patents their publications have been cited by other authors.
How to be recognized as an Expert on Inospin
  • Create your scientific profile and, accordingly to your keywords and your publications, you will be automatically detected as an expert in a specific field and a KOL label will appear on your profile. (Go on your profile, and on the "MY PUBLICATIONS & PATENTS" Tab)
  • Or if the KOL label doesn't appear on your profile, fill out the form below and our team will review your profile and add a KOL label on your profile.

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