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Why be labelled as a Digital KOL or Scientific Expert on Biowebspin?

Highlight your expertise and increase your credibilityBy getting a KOL logo on your profile

Thought leaders or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are the most influential people in their respective fields of bioscience expertise: prominent researchers, physicians, directors, policy makers, etc. With the internet, a new type of KOLs appears: people who have large networks and high numbers of followers, the digital KOLs.

On Biowebspin, we define two types of KOLs:


Who are Top Scientific Experts on Biowebspin?

Top Scientific Experts in Life Sciences, i.e. the researchers of a specific field, are determined accordingly to:

  • The quantity and quality of their publications: how many publications and in which journals they have been published.
  • The quantity and quality of their citations: the total number of citations and in which journals their publications have been cited by other authors.

How to be recognized as an Expert on Biowebspin
  • Create your scientific profile and, accordingly to your keywords and your publications, you will be automatically detected as an expert in a specific field. (Go on your profile, and on the "Pubadvanced" Tab)
  • Fill out the form if you are an expert and the above computing method does not apply to you (you have written patents, you are an executive, etc)

Digital KOLs

Who are Digital KOLs on Biowebspin?

On the Web, digital KOLs are influential people and professionals with large networks and high numbers of followers.

Digital KOLs play an important role in promoting and advertising any type of information or knowledge by influencing their network or community.

Thousands of people read and trust content information from digital KOLs. In turn, KOLs’ followers typically spread “KOLs words” to their networks

How to be recognized as a Digital KOLs on Biowebspin
  • First, show that you are credible by being an expert, a peer in your niche, and by being very active in your niche in a helpful and relevant manner by writing, commenting, and recommending on the Web.
  • Second, show that you are visible and communicate your information in an intelligent way on the Web by using blogs and websites with high traffic, large networks, numerous followers, and so on.

→ More on How to become a digital KOL

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