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Sr. Research Scientist

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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Research, Development, R&D






biodetection, biosurveillance, white powder, biothreat; anthrax, bacillus anthracis, ricin, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, PCR, NIR, immunoassay, immunomagnetic beads, fluidics, BEADS, first responder, HazMat, food safety, R&D, enrichment, autoinducer, cell signaling

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Dr. Ozanich has worked in the area of automated fluidics and microparticle assays for over 15 years and has managed dozens of applied research and prototype instrumentation development projects. His prior experience includes development of automated fluidics instrumentation and microparticle-based methods for: 1) Rapid and sensitive detection of pathogens and protein toxins in liquids, 2) A 5-plex polymer bead assay for cytokines using flow cytometry detection, 3) DNA/RNA purification from high particulate/inhibitor samples using porous silica microbeads with Real Time-PCR detection, 4) Rapid capture and purification of spores, bacteria and viruses from large volume water samples using immunomagnetic microbeads and broad-spectrum electrostatic whole cell and DNA capture, 5) Development of a field-portable fluidics system for measurement of low ppb-levels of hexavalent chromium in water, 6) Automation of an ELISA in a fluidic format for measurement of ppt-levels of pesticides in water, 7) Development of various flow injection and sequential injection systems, 8) Development of a 10-hour assay for detecting single cell quantities of Listeria monocytogenes, and 9) Development of novel cell enrichment media for rapid growth of Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella in 5-7 hours.

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