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    Influence Scores of the 24 Largest Biotech, Pharma, and Medtech Companies
    Who’s the winner and how do you fare?

    Which company takes the title? It may come as no surprise that pharma giant Pfizer claims the lead spot, however the sequence that follows shows interesting trends. In this article I’ll share bioscience companies with ideal digital presence and touch on available apps to score yours. The performance indictor was the Bio Web Score Absolute, a free tool measuring the digital presence of life science businesses. 

    In an industry that functions on very specific channels, it’s difficult to force-fit a life science company into a generic business model calculator. While most influence measurement applications miss principal elements that encompass bio-businesses, the Bio Web Score was created specifically for the Life Science industry. The Bio Web Score Absolute takes into evaluation factors like publications, patents, and even specific science channels unknown to the laymen. The Score is a calculated performance indicator of digital influence and visibility via absolute algorithms and runs on a scale of 0-1000.  Biowebspin, a professional bioscience network, provides the Bio Web Score Absolute for free.

    The criteria for evaluating the top scoring Biotech, Pharma, and Medtech companies included:  traffic + SEO, popularity on social media, presence on influential life science sites, social media + sharing places mentions, and publications + patents.

    Without further ado, the winners and their scores by category:

    The Pharma sector’s average Bio Web Score Absolute was 340.5*. With mega-companies Pfizer and Roche taking the top two positions with scores of 532.05 and 467.33, respectively. Medical Devices came in second overall with an average score of 130.1*, headed by Siemens Healthcare at 205.78. Biotech took third with an average of 70.1, with the top score hit by Amgen at 115.24.

    It’s surprising to note Johnson & Johnson’s absence among the top 3 pharma companies. As a company with one of the highest market revenues, Johnson & Johnson landed in the #7 global position. Turns out, this is due to Johnson & Johnsons generic name. One item that the Bio Web Score Absolute guards against is the overlap between common keywords in order to eliminate false leads. While the Bio Web Score Absolute docked points from Johnson & Johnson, a superior but premium app called Bio Web Score Relative rectifies this discrepancy.

    From the complete list of companies tested (full chart below), it’s notable that big Pharma domineers the top third of the sample group. Leading the Medtech sector by an average Bio Web Score Absolute difference of 210, the influence and visibility score indicates that Pharma has 2.6x the presence of Medtech. Between Medtech and Biotech, there was an average point difference of 60.0, signaling that Medtech has 1.9x the digital presence of Biotech.

    The substantial eclipsing of the biotech companies by Pharma and Medtech can be explained by revenue alone. Biotech companies function as smaller and more specialized entities. When you compare Pfizer’s 2011 annual revenue of $67 billion ($10 billion net) to Amgen’s $15 billion ($3 billion net), it is expected that Pfizer is more influential by comparison. With an approximately 5 fold larger Bio Web Score Absolute, it’s interesting to note that the score runs fairly parallel to the revenue difference.

    While it’s known that industry giants hold comfortable seats at the impact table, all companies can benefit from the insight these scores provide. Applications that measure influence and visibility, like Klout for Businesses or Bio Web Score, are intended to point you in the right direction. You can set benchmarks for a company’s web campaign and track ongoing changes. Discover overlooked strategies or markets, and see how your competitors fare relative to you. The Bio Web Score is unique in that the app serves strictly the Life Science industry. Visit Biowebspin to calculate your company’s Bio Web Score Absolute for free. Spinotech also offers Bio Web Score Relative, which is a more precise calculation using relative algorithms, at a premium rate.


    Here’s the complete list of influencers by Bio Web Score Absolute.

    *Calculated values exclude companies that overlap two sectors, i.e. pharma and medical device.



    Article contributed by Sara Ahmadi, a business developer experienced in pharmaceutical & medical research, healthcare management, and marketing strategies.