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More on How to become a digital KOL

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) must have five essential attributes to obtain KOL status: be credible, have something interesting to say, be interesting, build a following, always self-promote (Jim Doane , 2010). Being a digital KOL implies that one’s credibility, presence, and influence are under the control of Internet.


Digital KOLs like any KOLs must highlight the uniqueness of their expertise in a specific field. For this, digital KOLs should review products, publish research (even negative results!), write e-books, create their own newsletter, give interviews and speeches, contribute to articles (co-authoring). A KOL’s expertise must also be certified and recommended by other professionals of the same field to guarantee the reliability of his/her words.


Digital KOLs must handle the Web perfectly, that is, by using social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Biowebspin), blogging, editing digital newsletters, posting links to their articles on other forums, blogs, or social networks, by bookmarking (e.g. on Twitter) webpages which are relevant for their field. The control of the Internet is sine qua non to ensure the presence of KOLs on the Web.


Influence is typically reflected by your networkers and especially by relevant networkers on the web. Digital KOLs must be careful about the quantity and the quality of their networkers to guarantee their credibility and consequently their influence on the web.

Digital KOLs must be constantly active to show and keep their Web influence by responding to comments or questions on blogs and forums and in private e-mails, participating in social networking, sharing opinions, offering advice, providing information and ideas, asking interesting questions and contributing to the following discussion. The more the digital KOLs are active on the web, the greater the influence they develop.

To sum up, digital KOLs must always show expertise and knowledge in a field to ensure their success on the web, i.e. to show credibility. Also, a perfect expertise of the Internet is an important asset to ensure the KOLs’ presence and influence on the Web.

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