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About Biowebspin


A brief history of Biowebspin

Originally, Biowebspin developed online tools for researchers in Life Sciences and Chemistry, such as online applications allowing to search publications by influence based on their Citimpact (Biowebspin’s proprietary scoring for which more than 1 million scores are calculated each year). Researchers were able to follow authors and use networking functionalities. Academics and start-ups had to log in to access these apps for free. The network grew very fast and reached over 1 million researchers worldwide.
Meanwhile, Biowebspin’s academic community asked for help to find funding for their research. On the other side, top industrial companies, historically pharma companies, reached out for help identifying novel innovative projects and collaboration opportunities in academia through Biowebspin’s network.
As the first results were promising and companies very satisfied by this “new and unique way to know what is happening directly in the labs all around the world”, Biowebspin transformed its platform to focus on connecting academics and industrials on all scientific innovation fields.
Today, with its 2,5 million researchers and 150 top industrial partners, Biowebspin is the leading partnering platform between academia and industry in all fields of Life Sciences (Pharma & Biotech, Veterinary, Crop Science, Food & Beverages, Consumer Care & Cosmetics, etc.), Chemistry, Material Sciences and Engineering.


Our mission is to help academic researchers and start-ups to find industrial partners for their research projects, technologies and licences.
In close relationship with its industrial innovative partners, Biowebspin detects novel innovative projects and academic collaboration opportunities matching their innovation programs and scientific challenges.

Privacy Policy

Biowebspin pays a lot of attention to the privacy, intellectual property, confidentiality and security of its member data.

Biowebspin is a matchmaking platform between academia & industry. Biowebspin is not involved in the IP discussion and is not charging any success or license fees.

As a Swiss International company, Biowebspin has high standard security and privacy system. Biowebspin is in accordance with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

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Who we are

Biowebspin’s 2,5 million researchers network is managed by a scientific and international team with multidisciplinary backgrounds in both academia and industry in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Business Development and IT.

The managing team has a strong commitment to make its contribution to tomorrow’s breakthroughs in Science.

Biowebspin SA headquarters are located in Switzerland (capital: CHF 770,000) with business offices in Chicago and Tokyo.

Europe & Global HQ,
Geneva Area, Switzerland,
+41 (22) 548 35 54

North America,
Chicago, USA,
+1 (312) 544-0369

Tokyo, Japan,
+81 (050) 5534-3156

For more information about partnerships or business opportunities, please contact us.