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External open innovation partner programThe principle and factor for causing dysbiosis and immune defects

Are you working on factors of dysbiosis and/or how to identify them? Have you studied microbe-factors which are effective on immune cells and/or how to identify them? How could the factors be regulated or improved dysbiosis and/or immune function? Are you interested in partnering with a pharma company to translate your new science into a new medicine?

What we are looking forScientific aspect which the company is interested in

  1. Crohn’s disease patients have their own microbiota
    • Improving Dysbiosis
    • Getting rid of the harmful function in microbiome
  2. Loss of Intestinal barrier function
    • Inhibition of mucus degradation
    • Recover of the loss of IL-10/22 secretion from innate cells
      (which may be involved in Autophagy)
  3. Excessive immune response in innate cells
    • Recover Immune tolerance
    • Re-boost Immune activation
  4. Acquiring and maintaining “colitis-specific” memory
    • Reset colitis-specific memory

The company is looking for any novel projects on factors causing immune defects through dysbiosis. If it comes to IBD area, that would be the best. However, the company would like to cover with scientific principle before considering the reason of disease onset.


What we offer

All proposals will be assessed by our Research & Development team. Based on the level of interest within the Company research portfolio and strategic fit, we will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to partnership agreements or collaborations.

Proponents that submit proposals of interest will be contacted within 8 weeks of submission to clarify additional details.

What to submit

Submit a proposal in a form which is available online (it takes about 15 minutes).The proposal should be brief, sufficient to provide the main body of the proposal and its innovativeness. The applicant should also provide information about his or her critical knowledge that is applicable for the project, and how the knowledge could be supplemented (i.e., what is additionally required to complete the project). The applicants are strongly encouraged to give us additional information including references or other materials to facilitate the evaluation process.

Privacy, confidentiality & FAQ
The Company

TThe Company will not share the information beyond its own staff; your initial proposal should contain only non-confidential information.
If your proposal is selected, the Company is open to complete a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).


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