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Are you interested in translating your science into industrial innovations?
Are you working on innovative projects in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Material Sciences or Engineering?


150+Top industrial players in Life Sciences, Chemistry & Material Sciences with active external R&D programs 4,500+ Projects submitted (2017 statistics) 100,000+Academia-Industry interactions

How does it work?

1 When you are invited to industrial partnering program(s), you can submit the abstract(s) of your project(s) to find Industrial Partners or Funds (with no confidential data at this step and in an appealing way for industrial partners).
2 Our editorial team will review within 1 month your project and may do some format changes to make it more appealing for our industrial partners.
3 Our team will contact you as soon as your project matches a R&D program of one of our industrial partners and will connect you with the relevant contact within the organization if they show interests in your project(s).

Your information will be treated in a private and secure manner.

Start nowto submit your project and we will review it within one month!

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About Inospin

Inospin is the #1 academia-industry partnering network for Scientific Innovations in all fields of Life Sciences (Pharma & Biotech, Veterinary, Crop Science, Food & Beverages, Consumer Care & Cosmetics, etc.), Chemistry, Material Sciences and Engineering.

For academics, Inospin is the platform to find industrial partners and funding for their research and innovation matching R&D programs of more than 500 leading companies.

For industrial partners, Inospin is the platform to detect novel innovative projects and academic collaboration opportunities among 2,5 million researchers worldwide in 30,000 universities, research institutes and start-ups.

By gathering the major top academics and industry players from all around the world, Inospin has become the unique central partnering Hub of R&D Excellence to stay ahead of tomorrow’s scientific innovations.

Privacy, intellectual property & confidentiality

Inospin pays a lot of attention to the privacy, intellectual property, confidentiality and security of its member data.

Inospin is a matchmaking platform between academia & industry. Inospin is not involved in the IP discussion and is not charging any success or license fees.
Your «Open Innovation» opportunities on Inospin are only visible by industrial partners and the Inospin team. You can remove your data at any time. Inospin strongly recommends that you do not enter any confidential data or if you do so, that your technology transfer office agrees the submission of your pre-proposal on Inospin. If you directly submit your pre-proposal on an industrial partner website, you will agree their terms, conditions and privacy policy of our industrial partner website. Inospin is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinion of its industrial partner website.
As a Swiss International company, Inospin has high standard security and privacy system. Inospin is in accordance with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.
Check here the terms and conditions of the matchmaking service of Inospin.
Check here the terms and the privacy policy of Inospin website

Technology Transfer Offices and Universities: Become a Partner

Inospin has partnered with numerous universities and public research organizations to help them promote their licensing opportunities or connect with industrial R&D programs.
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