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Partnering Program for drugs, compounds and biologics: preclinical, ready for/in clinical trials, marketed with new applications

Deadline March 15th, 2016

You have discovered a new drug and you are ready to start/are currently conducting clinical trials ? You have found new application for a drug?
You are looking for industrial collaboration or funding?

Biowebspin will introduce your project to four well-known pharmaceutical companies
who are currently looking for new opportunities

But also bring your projects to the attention of other major pharma and biotech.

What are our partner looking for?

Our partners (4 pharmaceutical companies, +5 billion dollars of turnover, +30,000 employees) are looking for new compounds (small molecules, biologics, peptides…) in a wide range of therapeutic areas. These companies are interested in new assets at all development phases, but with a focus on drug ready to enter/in clinical trials or already marketed for which new applications have been identified.

What our partner is offering

After the reviewing stage, our partners will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to funding, licensing agreements, and partnership agreements.

What will Biowebspin also do?

Biowebspin will bring your projects to the attention of major pharma and biotech companies from its network of 50,000 companies worldwide. Your project will be posted on the partnering platform dedicated to New drugs. Industrials will contact you if they are interested in your research.

How does it work?

1 You are an academic researcher, a research group, a small biotech or a technology transfer office? You have a project which matches the criteria?
Submit your project in a 30 line short industry like form! Do not forget to precise in the description field in which project phase your drug is (more than one year before clinical trial, a year before clinical trial, clinical phase 1, clinical phase 2, clinical phase 3, on market).
Click here to see an example of project posted.
Note: All submitted information should not be confidential. Our partner will review all submitted information for a first evaluation. When asking for confidential data, our partner will agree a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) with you.
2 Your project will be reviewed by Biowebspin’s team to see if any information is missing and then send to our partners R&D team that will assess it and come back to you if there are interested.
3 Your research project will be also promoted on the online partnering platforms dedicated to New drugs or New Applications.
You will be connected as soon as an industrial shows interest in your project.
This program is free of charge and your information will be treated as secure and private.

About us

Biowebspin is the leading life sciences network with more than 2 million researchers in Biotech, Pharma and Medtech including 300,000 industrials looking for partnering and financing academic research projects.

You have projects with industrial application on other topics?

Biowebspin has a network of 50,000 companies working on 5,000 different R&D projects in more than 50 topics, organized in 9 main categories of partnering programs.
Check if one program will fit your researches for industrial collaboration and funding.

Our team members would be pleased to answer all your questions


Guillaume Habault
Project Coordinator

Claire Rochat
Project Assistant

Julien Raynaud
Partnership and Business Director

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Privacy, intellectual property & confidentiality

Biowebspin pays a lot of attention to the privacy, intellectual property, confidentiality and security of its member data.

Biowebspin is a matchmaking platform between academia & industry. Biowebspin is not involved in the IP discussion and is not charging any success or license fees.
Your «Open Innovation» opportunities on Biowebspin are only visible by industrials and the Biowebspin team. You can remove your data at any time. Biowebspin strongly recommends that you do not enter any confidential data or if you do so, that your technology transfer office agrees the submission of your pre-proposal on Biowebspin. If you directly submit your pre-proposal on an industrial partner website, you will agree their terms, conditions and privacy policy of our industrial partner website. Biowebspin is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinion of its industrial partner website.
As a Swiss International company, Biowebspin has high standard security and privacy system. Biowebspin is in accordance with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.
Check here the terms and conditions of the matchmaking service of Biowebspin.
Check here the terms and the privacy policy of Biowebspin website

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