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External open innovation partner programVaccine or immunological control of heartworm infection (Dirofilaria immitis) in dog

Are you working on parasitic diseases? Have you identified a new technology or are you developing a new vaccine for the prevention of heartworm infection in dog? Are you interested in partnering or collaborating with a global veterinary company to translate your new science into a new medicine?
What we are looking for

Heartworm infection is a serious and life-threatening disease in dog transmitted by mosquitoes. Prevention is essential as treatment is complicated and risky. Current prevention is based on the use of macrocyclic lactones. However, resistances to these molecules are observed especially in the US. Therefore there is a need for other method of prevention.

We are looking for vaccine or immunological solutions for the prevention of canine heartworm. The candidate project should have in vitro (mandatory) & in vivo (optional) efficacy and safety data. Regarding intellectual property, we are interested in partnerships with exclusive rights for veterinary applications.

What we offer & How does it work

All proposals will be assessed by our Research & Development team. Based on the level of interest within the Company research portfolio and strategic fit, we will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to partnership agreements or collaborations.

Proponents that submit proposals of interest will be contacted within 8 weeks of submission to clarify additional details.

What to submit

Submit your proposal online (it takes about 20 minutes) in a form and length that is sufficient to provide the substance of the proposal and its innovativeness (short description of data on file). The applicant should also provide information about his or her critical knowledge that is applicable for the project and how that knowledge could be supplemented (i.e., what is additionally required to complete the project).

Privacy, confidentiality & FAQ
The Company

The Company will not share the information beyond its own staff; your initial proposal should contain only non-confidential information.
If your proposal is selected, the Company is open to complete a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).


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